Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Minute Post

Hello all , from Yanbu with love! 

Folks, this is my new blog and I will try to make it an OK place to be to. You you can access the old blog at .

I'm OK, Ohoud & the kids are doing alright too. Hala is 3.5 years and such a cute young girl now. Most important, she listens to what mommy says and candy coats the way we look at life. Abdallah too. The young man is really hyperactive. These days , Ohoud barely gets started on some errand before he gets cranky and needs her full attention. He won't just fall asleep so easily at night, instead, he starts calling until she gives up and take him out. This is exhausting for a working woman who needs to get good night sleep.

It's been two years since I moved to KSA for work and during this time, I think I learned something important about myself: I am a master at self-deception! 

I am not happy and perhaps causing pain for family and even those around me at work. I can't be so specific about this but the whole thing revolves about my work and the frustrating situation there. It's reflecting on my life so I have to do something about it. 

I get to Jordan whenever it's possible, say every 3-4 months for a couple of 2 or 3 weeks. Living on my own, I get to focus on the things I never had time to do so like reading, design work, I do a little walking and of course facebook at night!

At work, it's hard and it gets me a feeling I'm being a ladder he he he. Aliening, I still have to work on my own. when I'm serious about something, I have to invent the wheel over and over again and at the end find my way out on my own sweet own when it comes to manufacturing what I design. There's no setup to do this with ease so the tinniest issues dissipate my energy and cause me serious drawbacks. I still preach, I practice what I preach, I act but nothing changes and it makes me wonder!!! 

To be fair , there're plenty of good things as well, but "When in Rome, you do what Romans do" , right ? 

Finally, me and Ohoud made our minds up. I'll keep it open ended for now but those kids deserve much better and a lot more.

Great to be back to blogging , Thanks Rasha for pushing on this. You're " The So Caring" after all, not me!



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  2. Hello , I removed Rasha comment by mistake!!!

    Rasha said:Blogs have a certain taste...a sense of stability in the virtual world. It is so much different in a way i can't even explain, to read here than to read on facebook for example. The sweet girl and the young man are adorable mashallah and YES they deserve all the best and more :) Thank you for going along :) Thank you for sustaining an anchor. God bless you all.