Monday, July 9, 2012

What a long day


I spent the whole day lying on bed. I think I am too young to have terrible backache like this. My morning started normal, I was in shower when suddenly my back clicked and that was it.

I never learn, I get carried away when I have work and ego takes over. I know it'd certainly come back to me but I always take a chance.

I should do something about this and do some exercise.

Good night


  1. salamat salamaaaaaaaat ya fadi, allah yehmeek o ya3teek elseha. kefak o kef alahel?
    kol 3am o ento be5eeeeeer!

    miss you

  2. الله يسلمك يا مراد و يرزقك و يفتحها بوجهك دايما. انا الحمدالله بخير و أولادي و الجميع بألف خير. أنا مشتاق للكل و انشالله ربنا بيسر زيارة خاطفة في عيد الفطر.

    كل عام و انتا بخير و أهلك و الأردن. شكرا جزيلا على مرورك بمدونتي .